An exploratory evening of music, evolution, patent law and overstretched metaphors.

Adam Rutherford

Thursday, February 14 2013 at 7:30PM

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213 Strand,

Adam Rutherford

What's the talk about?

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Copying and adapting is the soul of creativity, and the parallels between evolution and music are striking. With the advent of sampling in the 1960s, and the birth of hip hop in the 70s, the evolution of music fundamentally changed, as musical forms could be lifted directly from any forebearer without instrument-playing skill or direct descent. However, a period of unbridled creativity was soon quashed with the imposition of copyright laws. The new field of synthetic biology is genetic remixing, a deeply creative and youthful science with sampling as its soul, and it faces the same ownership issues that killed hip hop.

Adam Rutherford is a writer and broadcaster, and as a white, English public schoolboy geneticist is eminently qualified to talk about hip hop.

Please note the change from the initially advertised venue - we're now at The George on the Strand