A Pod Delusion/Little Atoms fundraiser for London's Resonance FM

James O'Malley & Neil Denny

Monday, February 10 2014 at 7:30PM

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25 Red Lion Square,

James O'Malley & Neil Denny

What's the talk about?

 Two musical panel discussions, curated by two different radio shows to raise money for Resonance 104.4 FM, London's only, and the world's first arts radio station that has been broadcasting since 2002.

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Revolution Rock: Can Music Smash The System?
It has been over 30 years since the first wave of punk, and yet here we are in 2014 with an aristocratic Prime Minister, an ideological assault on the poor and war in the Middle East. For years we've heard musicians aspire to change the world - but have they, and can they actually achieve anything?
Joining James O'Malley to discuss these issues are punk commentator Andy Waterfield, "Colour Me Wednesday" vocalist Jen Doveton, and the tubthumping anarchists Boff Whalley & Dunstan Bruce from Chumbawamba. And maybe one or two others too.
Followed by...
Is Music Journalism in a Critical Condition?
The UK music scene once supported four weekly music papers, which wielded the power to form the musical agenda in a way that's unimaginable today. Of these, only the NME staggers on in managed decline, along with an ever dwindling number of monthly magazines.
The changing ways we consume music and the rise of the internet have radically changed the musical landscape, and perhaps this is a good thing. Those weeklies were notoriously bad at covering certain genres, and the internet has enabled a much wider range of writers to share the music they love. On the other hand it has yet to find a reliable way to pay them to do so. Are the days of making a living from music journalism over?
Joining Neil Denny to explore this question, and to share tales of private jets and rainy nights at the Northampton Roadmender, are the journalists Andrew Mueller, Jude Rogers, David Stubbs and more TBC
Doors at 7pm, starting 7:30pm. There is no need to bring a physical ticket - we'll have names on a list. There will be a bar! This event is being promoted jointly with Soho Skeptics.